Why High Piled Storage Training is so Important

Working with combustible materials presents a clear hazard in any case, including when storing these materials. Addressing the hazards associated with this and creating a plan of action for the prevention of life and property loss as well as what to do when these situations arise is vital.

This is why high piled storage training is conducted for any person storing these substances. Learning how to properly handle and store hazardous materials will lower the risk of potentially fatal or financially devastating accidents from occurring.

In this article, we’re going to cover why this training is so important and what you can expect to glean from the courses that you take.

Preventing Loss of Life and Property

High piled storage training ultimately keeps yourself, the people around you, and the facility where these materials are stored safe.

Without knowledge of proper segregation of certain materials, you may store two or more hazardous substances too close together. In the event of an accident, these substances could create a highly explosive reaction, injuring or potentially killing others.

Learning how to store materials in stacks or piles safely also prevents injuries and property damage on the job. If you fail to secure high stacked packages and they fall, hazardous materials may combust. If these packages are heavy, they could injure yourself and others or damage the other materials around them.

Keeping Materials in Pristine Condition

After considering the more immediate dangers that combustible materials threaten when damaged, you should also consider that a portion of the training is meant to keep these materials in perfect condition for future use.

Unstable materials that have been damaged by the elements as a result of incorrect storage methods will react unpredictably and cannot safely be used. Your job when storing these materials is not only to keep them balanced and secure, but also to keep them safe from other substances and trauma on their proper shelves.

High Piled Storage Training: What to Expect

When you undergo high piled storage training, you can expect to be taught a variety of subjects with the intention to familiarize you with these substances, the risks associated, how to store them, and how to lower the fire hazard risk.

The course material should include:

  • Classification of hazardous/combustible materials being stored
  • Familiarization with these materials
  • How to store materials based on height of shelving and area of a facility
  • Proper arrangement of these materials
  • Securing packages containing hazardous/combustible materials
  • Fire safety training (planning for emergency situations and responding to them)

High piled storage training should equip you with all of the knowledge and tools that you need to arrange and secure these materials for any facility you work with. The ultimate goal is to prevent hazardous situations involving fire and explosions.

Storing hazardous and combustible materials is an important job and can only be legally done by those who complete this training. You can take high piled storage training courses online or on-site as your employer requires.

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